Leadership Perspectives Webinar on November 11, 2010

Leadership Perspectives webinar on November 11, 2010

Leading through Change: Being the ‘I’ of the Storm
Featuring Sheila Ramsey & Barbara Schaetti

Meteorologists describe the eye of a tropical storm as a place of light winds and clear skies, surrounded by a ring of towering thunderstorms. Employees look to their leaders to be such an eye of calm in the midst of a wildly changing world. They need leaders who have a powerful relationship with change as an ongoing experience, who can call forth and guide a clear vision, inspire, and ensure that services and products stay relevant or even exceed expectations.

Leaders, meanwhile, know that they need to provide employees with a stable environment as well as with one that keeps their organizations on the leading edge. At some point they realize, or are told, that it begins with themselves: i.e., that it begins with leading from the inside-out. The question then arises: “How do we do this?” The typical answer: engage in values clarification, personality and behavioral assessment, emotional intelligence development, and feedback processes. After the assessments are completed, another round of questions is often asked: “How do I sustain what I’ve learned? How will I remember on Monday morning what the results told me?”

The methodology of Personal Leadership: Making a World of Difference offers a series of practices that help leaders make that translation into Monday morning application. It helps leaders stay mindful and creative when they are confronted by the new, the different, the unfamiliar: when they are leading through change. Using the practices of Personal Leadership, leaders deepen their capacity to welcome change as a partner. It is the lived commitment to a constancy of practice that creates the “I” of the storm.

Join this webinar and develop an understanding of Personal Leadership as one very distinct method for filling the gaps in the field of leadership development, and, as such, for helping leaders lead from the inside-out in the midst of change and the unfamiliar.

Thursday, November 11, 2010
12:00 – 1:00 PM EST
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$24.95 for non-ILA Members.

More Info: Ashley Wollam at ajwollam@ila-net.org or 1.301.405.0804

Sheila Ramsey, Ph.D., is founding partner of Personal Leadership Seminars, LLC and principal consultant of the Crestone Institute. She is known internationally for her work in the field of intercultural relations, international leadership development, and the facilitation of individual and group creativity and innovation.

Barbara Schaetti, Ph.D., is founding partner of Personal Leadership Seminars, LLC and principal consultant of Transition Dynamics. She specializes in multicultural team development, the creation of inclusive communities, expatriate and leadership coaching, and the development of a personal practice to leverage intercultural competence.


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