All work for incompletes that occurred as a result of a previous term must be submitted by May 1 (for work done from 8A) or November 1 (for work from 7A), respectively.  If the work is not satisfactorily completed by this date, the possibility of the incomplete being converted to an unsatisfactory grade becomes imminent.  Since faculty members begin their research month at the end of May and November, they are not be able to review incomplete work after that time.  The Registrar processes the conversion of incompletes to unsatisfactory grades at the end of each term so it is essential that the May 1 or November 1 deadline be met.  In rare cases, and only for documented special circumstances and with agreement of the faculty members involved, the Dean may choose to grant an additional extension for incomplete work.  Learners who carry two or more incompletes that continue to be unresolved by the deadlines will not be registered for any following terms until the incompletes are resolved.

Learners who are considering requesting incompletes for a current term, should be in communication with the seminar faculty member to determine whether an incomplete will be needed.  Learners must have approval from the seminar faculty member to receive an incomplete for the term.  If this approval is not requested and approved, the learner will receive an unsatisfactory grade.  In other words, incompletes are not automatic and learners should not assume that they can take incompletes at will.  A special review will be initiated if a learner receives two or more incomplete grades.  All incomplete work for a current term will have to be submitted by May 1 or November 1 of the following term.

NOTE: It is always best for learners to stay in communication with faculty members and to try to get all the work done for the term by the deadline.  Learners should explore all options with faculty members and/or the Dean’s Office before deciding that the incomplete route is the one to take.