Getting Around

Air Transportation

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
Home of a Delta Airlines hub, CVG has more flights into and out of Cincinnati than any other city within a two-hour radius. CVG offers nearly 200 daily departures, more than 80 non-stop destinations and service by 10 airlines


Traveling from the Airport

By Airport Shuttle
The most inexpensive way to travel to the hotel from the airport is by shuttle. Call the day prior your arrival or departure to guarantee your reservation. Have flight, hotel and phone information available.

Airport Executive Shuttle
Local: 859-261-8841 / Toll Free 1-800-990-8841

Cost: approx. $20.00.



TANK, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky offers their own shuttle service between CVG and downtown Cincinnati:

Whether you’re arriving or departing from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) the airporter is the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get between downtown Cincinnati and CVG and downtown Covington and CVG.  It means no cab fare, no extra time parking, and no worries.  Let TANK do the driving for you.

Only $2

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By Taxi

The rate from Cincinnati/Northern KY airport (CVG) to downtown Cincinnati is $25 for one to four people. CVG is located 13 miles south of downtown Cincinnati in Northern Kentucky.

Important Note: Cincinnati taxi companies cannot pick up passengers in Kentucky and Kentucky taxi companies cannot pick up passengers in Ohio. However, any company that holds a dual state license can pick up at the airport.

Visit the taxi desk in the baggage claim area of Terminal 3 or use the courtesy phone near the exit of Terminal 2 (dial 3260) to make arrangements.

Cincinnati Taxi Companies

Community Yellow Cab 513/241-2100 or 513/721-2100 (dual licensed in Ohio & in Kentucky)
Towne Cab 513/761-7700
United Cab Co. 513/251-1155

The meter starts at $3.60; $1.60 per mile thereafter. This is an approximate fee schedule.




Public Transportation

Metro (SORTA)

Metro is Southwest Ohio’s fixed route bus service. Providing more than 22 million rides per year, Metro brings approximately 20% of downtown Cincinnati’s workforce into the city. Metro operates from approximately 4 AM ­ 1:30 AM each and every day.