Adding/Dropping Courses

Students can drop or add a course after registration by completing, signing, and processing the drop/add section of the Change of Status Form. The Change of Status form serves as an addendum to the original registration form and becomes a part of the official registration record. To receive a tuition refund, students must drop individual courses no later than 14 days after the start of the academic term. Students are permitted to add courses during the academic residency only. However, students must attend at least one session of the seminar being added while at the academic residency. The effective date of a drop/add is either the date of postmark or the date the written or oral request is received by the dean’s office or the Registrar’s Office. Drop/adds can impact continuing financial aid eligibility, so students should contact Financial Aid immediately if they plan to drop courses to determine the effect, if any, on their financial aid status. All drop/add requests must be approved by the student’s instructor(s) in the course(s) dropped and/or added, the academic/faculty advisor, and the dean’s office. All learning activities dropped after 14 days from the start of the academic term will remain recorded on the student’s registration record and a grade of W (for withdrawal) will be posted to the grade field for each course dropped.

Dropping or adding courses by the published deadline may alter the student’s tuition charges for the term in the following manner. If the number of term credit hours added equals the number dropped there will be no change in tuition assessed. If the number of term credit hours added is greater than the number dropped, tuition will be assessed for the difference at the applicable tuition rate for the full term/session. If the number of term credit hours dropped is greater than the number added, an adjustment in tuition will be made including a refund if applicable.

There is no refund of tuition for a dropped course after the drop/add date. Students who are withdrawing from the Ph.D. program should consult the Tuition Policy for the Schedule of Refunds.