Coming November 19: The New


We are excited to announce that the new website will be released on November 19. After gathering feedback from educators representing a wide range of institutions, we’re making significant changes designed to engage users of the site.

Here’s some of the improvements you can expect:

Streamlined Content

We’ve reorganized the site around our three largest user groups: students, educators, and staff and faculty participating in strengths development programs.

New Look and Feel

  • New videos and updated graphics and images make the site visually appealing.
  • Success stories from students and educators are designed to inspire and inform visitors to the site.

Helpful Tools

  • Getting started: We’ve created a path of initial activities that allows participants to start their strengths development journey through a self-guided experience.
  • Team Talent Map: This new area enables team leaders to quickly create a map showing all team members’ talents. The print-friendly format makes it easy to share the map with the team.
  • Action items: The updated, easy-to-use format will help students, teachers, and professionals quickly get started applying their strengths.

More Resources for Educators

  • Best practices: This new area will highlight schools that are among the “best of the best” at integrating strengths on their campus.
  • Resources: We’re updating and reorganizing our educator resources to make them easier to find and use.

Visitors to the site will also be able to view a “Strengths Ticker” that shows the frequency of each theme in a top five report and the overall number of completes for StrengthsQuest. We’ll be watching the ticker closely as we get closer to having 1 million people participating in StrengthsQuest.

We look forward to flipping the switch on the site on November 19. Enjoy!


Mark Pogue

Vice President, Higher Education Practice


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