Residency Information

The Ph.D. program in Interdisciplinary Studies begins each six month term with an academic residency. The residency takes place over nine days in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Academic residencies include the following activities:

  1. Learning: The beginning of a required sequence of seminars that are completed at a distance through online learning activities, e-mail, and telephone conversation and conference day where students and faculty present their scholarship and promote discourse around intellectual, professional, and social issues.
  2. Engagement with the program themes: Presentations by leading scholars and creative activities that include principle stances toward social justice, engaging difference, and creativity, while uniting theory and practice.
  3. Community Building: New cohort orientation, evening faculty conversations, one-on-one meetings between faculty and students.
  4. Scholar in Residence: At each residency, a noted scholar is invited to conduct a keynote lecture and engage in more informal discussions with our students.

Upcoming Residency Dates

Date: January 3-11, 2015 Location: Kingsgate Marriott Conference Center at the University of Cincinnati Center 151 Goodman Drive Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

2015 January Residency Information

Local Dining Guide for Residency

Initial Academic Residency Information

Upon admission, you will need to reserve your place at an upcoming Academic Residency. In addition to your acceptance letter you will receive an Initial Academic Residency (IAR) Reservation Form, Registration Form, and the Disability Disclosure form. Please return completed forms and Academic Residency deposit/hold fees by the deadline to the Ph.D. Office at or 440 East McMillan St., Cincinnati, Ohio, 45206.

It is essential that you arrive at the beginning of the Academic Residency and remain through the final session of the Academic Residency, so please plan your travel accordingly. See above for Academic Residency dates. Please let us know in advance should you have any special requests so that we may properly support you. If you have any questions about the Academic Residency contact Shay McFarland 1-800-861-6400 x1143 |


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