Mai Moua’s New Book!

Dr. Moua sent along the following exciting note:

I am writing to share the great news that my book Culturally Intelligent Leadership: Leading Through Intercultural Interactions will be published and ready for shipping on December 15, 2010!

As many of you know, I’ve been working on my book the past year. This book is my experiences and knowledge gained from working with managers and leaders from private, nonprofit, and public sectors to understand the dynamics of culture on leading and managing.

Here’s a description of the book:

As an organizational leader, learning to effectively lead and communicate cross culturally demands awareness, knowledge, and skill, as well as persistence, practice, and restraint of judgment. Culturally intelligent leaders understand that just because they acquired or developed the skills, awareness, and knowledge for one cultural situation does not mean that those behaviors and skills are applicable to another. Even if leaders are highly skilled, knowledgeable, or well trained, they can still make cultural mistakes.

The purpose of this book is to outline the important ideas of cultural intelligence and the steps that must be considered and then practiced to become a culturally intelligent leader. Cultural intelligence is both a strategy and a tool towards cultural competency and proficiency. This book outlines the importance of understanding culture and its impact on organizations, the strategic value of cultural intelligence, and the significance of integrating and practicing cultural intelligence in everyday business life. When all these aspects are properly integrated and applied in the leadership and management process, organizations are more innovative and adaptable to respond to cultural changes.

You can pre-order your book by going to Click on this link:

When the book is ready, Amazon will ship it to you.

Finally, there will be a website for the book. You can visit for inventories, case studies, and more information about CI. The website is still under construction but will be ready by November 15.

Thanks everyone for your support of cultural intelligence and for leaders to be more culturally savvy in intercultural situations.


Mai Moua, Ph.D.

Leadership Paradigms, Inc.


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