RFP- 2017 Consultant-Racial Equity Learning Modules

Provide is seeking to hire a Consultant-Racial Equity Learning Modules  to develop the content and learning modalities as part of our 2017 Racial Equity Roadmap. This consultant will work closely with the Director of Human Resources to develop, pilot, and finalize two modules, one addressing explicit and implicit bias related to hiring process and one to establish a baseline training in racial equity concepts for all Provide staff with work completed by August 2017. Carolyn Rhodes is the lead on the search and is available to answer any questions about the consultant and the search process.   The RFP is attached and all applicants can apply through our website,  Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.   Please feel free to forward to others in your network and share on your news feed (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus).


Additionally, the Consultant will be interviewing staff members as a formative step to developing the two modules related to our Racial Equity Work.  We are looking for 5-7 staff members to participant in key informant interviews (more tenured and new!) by reflecting on key questions related to (1) explicit and implicit bias as it relates to hiring processes and/or (2) racial equity basics for all Provide staff.  If you are interested in volunteering, please respond to me in a separate email. We will be balancing the list of interviewee to reflect a range of staff perspectives.

Carolyn V. Rhodes

Director of Human Resources

Provide, Inc.

P.O.Box 410164

Cambridge, MA  02141


Skype: rhodescarolyn


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