Black Greeks Speak

Black Greeks Speak Social Justice and Human Rights Council is an education and policy studies organization that addresses issues of social justice and human rights. Although, the national headquarters is located in Houston, Texas, BGS carries out its mission to foster leadership based on enduring values to social justice and human rights in seven regional conferences across the United States. We provide a nonpartisan space for dealing with critical issues in our world by chartering chapters, groups, clusters and affiliate associations in the United States.

The Mission

  • To educate, engage, and advocate for social justice and human rights issues for our members, affiliates, and citizens across the world.
  • To promote social justice and human rights initiatives and awareness.
  • To train members and non-members in the areas of social justice and advocacy issues in order to meet the needs of oppressed and marginalized groups and communities.
  • To inspire members and communities to civic engagement, political and social justice awareness, advocacy and community service.


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