2016 Race, Gender, & Class Journal: Call for Proposals

RGC 2016 Conference Call for Paper …

The Race, Gender, and Class Journal (RGC) 2016 Conference will take place in  New Orleans, March 31-April 2.  Please send your proposal no later than December 1st, 2015 on the following themes:

The Radical MLK.  RGC:  For What and Whom?

Can RGC build a progressive agenda of activism if we follow MLK’s democratic socialist ideas for social justice?

Each year we are very surprised and impressed with the caliber of presenters and papers. However, presenters and researchers of RGC often ask us the provocative question: RGC for what and whom? We believe the time has arrived to think about a progressive response to this question.  As Cornell West in (2015) says, “The Radical MLK was a democratic socialist who sided with poor and working people”. We think the time has come for RGC to climb on the shoulders of MLK and remind social progressives that another America is possible based on RGC social and economic equality.

We cannot advise following MLK by simply speaking about social justice at the RGC Conference and writing articles to be published in the RGC journal. In a speech in 1966, King explained: “There must be a better distribution of wealth and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism.”  But as the FBI and the US government called him the most dangerous man in America, MLK was not allowed to pursue his democratic socialism project.

April 4, 1968 the most dangerous democratic socialist was killed in Memphis. Tennessee.   MLK’s call for social and economic equality remains unfulfilled as both a national and global phenomenon.   Some say the future of America and our Mother Earth depends heavily upon national and global responses to social and economic inequality.  What capacity exists for researchers, activists, nation states, municipal, civic and educational leaders to understand and heed Dr. King’s call for a more representative and socially inclusive democracy?  Keep in mind that Dr. King was neither Marxist nor communist; social humanism served as his political and moral compass.  Importantly, he understood the role of capitalism in producing and reproducing poverty destruction of our Mother Earth.

This 2016 RGC Conference will focus upon Dr. King’s pursuit of social and economic equality as a democratic reality.  The 2016 RGC Conference requests papers that address the inherent tensions and contradictions that RGC pose to models of social injustice and specifically economic injustice both nationally and internationally.  What do we know about the effects of social inequality on Housing, Education, Crime, Health Care, Employment and Income, Transportation, Religion, and the Arts.   Others RGC topic are welcome.

The 2016 Conference offers a fitting occasion to reflect on RGC for what and whom and how self-identified progressives and especially RGC progressive committed to advancing RGC social equality and justice. The conference seeks to determine if Dr. King’s dream is worth fighting for or whether his dream of social and economic equality remains but a dream.

As a RGC reminder:  Do not forget to subscribe or renew your subscription (see attachment) to keep the journal and the conference alive.


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