Speaking Race to Power Fellowship

A winning movement calls for leaders who are courageously addressing issues of race and power in ways that are leading to deeper collaborations and exciting innovations.

Again and again, leaders in the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement have identified issues of race and power as the most significant barriers to radical collaboration, strategizing and action. There is a pressing need to have intentional and skillful ways of addressing race – ways that increase power, collaboration, and possibilities within our movement. Leadership is a process of inspiring and aligning people across difference. It is the work of leaders to engage with others around race, and encourage conversations that are brave, compassionate, and generative. At its core, radical collaboration is the ability to build relationships and take collective action across historical and contemporary divides, whether those divisions are caused by racism, power inequalities, or difference.

SR2P 1CoreAlign believes that ‘speaking race’ is an essential competency of all leaders, and is a skill we especially want to support in our network and movement. CoreAlign has developed the Speaking Race to Power Fellowship — a 6-month program that connects and supports cohorts of leaders who want to develop  innovative ways of breaking through the current bottlenecks of race and power in the reproductive movement.

Participants will apply to the fellowship with an idea that involves designing and testing activities or conversations that disrupt dominant habits of race and racism. CoreAlign seeks fellows who will conceptualize and experiment with projects that bring unlikely allies together, break through current barriers, and take on new and interesting possibilities.

Are you tired of our collective and individual inability to address issues of race and power in our movement? What is the race conversation, big or small, that you have been mulling over and wanting to explore?  How would you address an issue where race and power have been barriers to promising strategies or collaborations? If you are ready to disrupt the racial status quo, apply to be a Speaking Race to Power Fellow!

Apply to join our 3rd cohort! The deadline to apply is Monday, September 21st at 11:59pm.


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