Cohort PhD graduate Jeannie Carlisle’s dissertation short-listed for Jablin Award

Congratulations to UI&U graduate Jeannie Carlisle (ECL, 2011), whose dissertation was one of six (6) finalists out of 109 submissions for the annual Frederic M. Jablin Doctoral Dissertation Award presented each year at ILA in partnership with the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond. Jeannie’s dissertation committee was chaired by Dr. Diane Allerdyce and co-chaired by Dr. Richard Couto. Chris Hables Gray was the third member of the committee. Although the dissertation, “Imperial Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt  and the Militarization of America,” was not the final winner of the Jablin award, its selection for as a finalist is a great honor and speaks to its exemplary quality.

Jeannie is currently a partner and associate editor of Integral Leadership Review and Integral Publishers. Her workkeeps her connected with both the applied practice and the theoretical understanding of leadership worldwide. Her first book, The Cowboy and the Canal: How Theodore Roosevelt Cheated Nicaragua, Stole Panama, and Bamboozled America, will be available Summer 2014.

In January 2014, Jeannie will be launching “The More Things Change,” a blog exploring the historical underpinnings of many of today’s issues–such as racism, gender identity, prison reform, veterans policy, and mental illness– along with interviews of leaders who are working within those domains to make a positive change.

Jeannie Carlisle is the kind of scholar of whom the Cohort Ph.D. Program in Interdisciplinary is honored to count among our graduates!

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