Community Work – Pastor A. Walker-Dudley

Hello Everyone:

Below is a link to an August 23, 2013 newspaper article about a community garden project by the Greater St. Matthew A.M.E. Church in Lorain, Ohio. This communal project is spearheaded by Pastor Angela Walker-Dudley, who is currently completing her dissertation project at Union Institute & University.


“The model I am developing is a combination of the things I have been reading about the distributive justice strain in cosmopolitan theory, which aligns closely with some of Dr. King’s statements regarding the Great World House,” Angela explained in a recent email. “At my first residency in 2009, the MLK session included a piece about food justice around the world. I didn’t get the connection then but I do now because of the current work in my community, which is 40 percent minority and highly impoverished. The majority of the volunteers in the garden are ex convicts who cannot find employment. I am currently working on a way to make this project and their work in it a paid position, building their skills and credibility to position them for employment at a higher level for lack of better terminology.”

Serving as Angela’s dissertation chair, I felt compelled to share this example of her outstanding community work with the rest of you.


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