CFP: Slave Narratives

Slave Narratives


Pennsylvania, United States

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Call for Papers – Slave Narratives (NeMLA 2014)

This panel seeks fresh   approaches to the slave narrative through the lens of the relationship   between white editors and the former slaves. How do these narratives portray   the encounters between black slaves on the one hand and white editors and   characters in or outside the text on the other? How do neo-slave narratives   complicate this relationship? And how do, for example, the cinematic   contribution to the slave narrative by Tennessee-born director Quentin   Tarantino or Valery Martin’s historical novel Property reframe the problem of   the white editor? Please submit abstracts to Peter Becker   (

45th Annual Convention,   Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) April 3-6, 2014
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Host: Susquehanna University


Peter Becker, PhD
Harvard University
1 Bow Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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