Selection of Faculty Publications and Presentations: Spring 2013

Union Institute & University
Ph.D. Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

Selection of Faculty Publications and Presentations: Spring 2013

Golden, Elden. “Creativity as a Televised Spectator Sport: What the Reality Competition Show Chopped Tells Us About Creativity.” Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Annual Conference. Washington, DC. March 2013.

Marubbio, Elise M. and Eric L. Buffalohead, eds. Native Americans on Film: Conversations,Teaching, and Theory. Lexington, KY: UP of Kentucky, 2013.

—. “Wrestling the Greased Pig: An Interview with Randy Redroad.” Native Americans on Film: Conversations, Teaching, and Theory. Eds. M. Elise Marubbio and Eric L. Buffalohead. Lexington, KY: UP of Kentucky, 2013. 288-302.

Melina, Lois Ruskai, Gloria J. Burgess, Lena Lid Falkman, and Antonio Marturano, eds. The Embodiment of Leadership. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2013. Forthcoming.

O’Brien, Colleen. “Paternal Solicitude and Haitian Emigration: The First American Occupation (1816-1864).” South Central Review 30.1 (2013): Forthcoming.

Piep, Karsten. “Business as Usual: Re-Domesticating the New Woman in Henry Sydnor Harrison’s Saint Teresa.” The Latchkey: A Journal of New Woman Studies 5.1 (2013):Forthcoming.

—. “The Nature of Compassionate Orientalism in Elisabeth Gaskell’s Cranford.” Panel: “Reading Nature in Fiction.” College English Association National Convention. Savannah, GA. April 2013.

Shook, John. “With Liberty and Justice for All.” The Humanist: A Magazine for Critical Inquiry and Social Concern 73.1 (2013): 21-24.

Stilger, Robert. “Servant Leadership: Research and Practice.” Servant Leadership: Research and Practice. Eds. Raj Selladurai and Shawn Carraher. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2013. Forthcoming.

Voparil, Christopher. “Democratic Justice and the Problem of Framing: Fraser, Addams, and Rorty.” Panel:”Pragmatism and Justice.” Annual Meeting of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy. Galloway, NJ: March 2013.

—. “Pragmatist Philosophy and Persuasive Discourse: Dewey and Rorty on the Role of Non-Logical Changes in Belief.” Persuasion and Compulsion in Democracy. Ed. Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley and Krzysztof Poitr Skowronski. New York: Lexington Books, 2013. 133-151.

Whitfield, David. “Leadership and Foresight in a Changing and Challenging World: A Call for Servant Leadership.” The International Journal of Servant-Leadership 7.1 (2013): 123-39.


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