Tips & Tricks Library Presentation-NOW AVAILABLE!

Hi Everyone,

Good news!  The recordings are ready.  In addition to the two recordings from the January residency, I also included some older videos and resources that I thought might be useful.


UI&U Library Treasures

Tips & Tricks for the Advanced Researcher (January 2013)       part 2

Tips & Tricks for the Advanced Researcher (July 2012)         

Instructional Videos

Find E-books on a Topic

Find a Specific E-book 

Google Scholar@UI&U (Find Articles on a Topic)  

Find a Specific Article

Find a Specific Journal

Citation Tools

Citations tools page (RefWorks & Zotero)

Google Scholar Citation Tool video

APA Citation Examples

MLA Citation Examples

Chicago Citation Examples

Limiting Search Results by Research Methodology

Qualitative Research

Subject: Qualitative Research, Research & Methodology

Keyword: “qualitative research”


Subject: Interviews

Keywords: interview*, Semi-Structured Interview”, “Structured Interview”, “Unstructured Interview”


Grounded Theory

Subject: Grounded theory

Keyword: “grounded theor*”



Subject: Ethnology, Ethnology–Qualitative research

Keyword: ethnograph*


Case Study

Search Limiter!

Subject: Case studies or Qualitative research–case studies.

Keywords: “case stud*”

Action Research

Subject: Action Research

Keyword: “action research”



Subject: Phenomenological Research

Keyword: phenomenol*

Useful Subject Headings

Focus Groups


Descriptive Research

Descriptive Statistics

Audio recording

Video recording


Semiotics & Theory

Observational Methods (explode to include Non-Participant Observation, Participant Observation, Structured Categories, Unstructured Categories), Projective Techniques (explodes to include Pictorial Methods, Verbal Projective Techniques), Vignettes, etc., Case Studies

Conversation Analysis

Field Studies

Focus Groups


Naturalistic Observation

Participant Observation



Useful Keywords

“lived experience*” or “”life experience*”

“ethnological research”


“oral history”

“participant observation”

“content analysis”



“purposive sample”




“cluster sample”

“observational method”

“content analysis”

“thematic analysis”

“field stud*”

“theoretical sample”

“discourse analysis”

focus group*

“experimental design”




Not all of the videos have captions, so please let me know if you need them.  Also, if you need additional help with a specific research technique, please let me know.  I would also be happy to schedule a research appointment with you.  I can be reached by live chat, by e-mail at, or by phone, toll-free, at 888-828-8557, extension 8758.

See you at the next residency!

Take care,


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