Recently Defended Dissertations

The Dean’s Office is pleased to announce the successful defense of the following dissertations:

 August 2012

 John Woode

“Inter-Governmental Action Groups Against Money Laundering (GIABA): Toward a Unified Regime on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism in West Africa”

Committee: Dr. Mary Ann Steger (Chair), Dr. Marcel Kitissou, Dr. Victor Essein  


October 2012

 Keiza Carpenter

“La Familia en la Frontera: Transnational Family Narratives of Mexican Migrant Families”

Committee: Dr. Christopher Voparil (Chair), Dr. Lisa Fontes, Dr. Shelley Armitage


November 2012

 Tiffany Traylor

“Reading, Recognition, and Loving Blackness: How African American Adolescents’ Reflections on Black Literature Inform Scholarship Related to the Visibility of Marginalized Identities”

Committee: Dr. Diane Allerdyce and Dr. Toni Gregory (Co-Chairs), Dr. Shelley Armitage



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