Announcement of Graduate Assistantship Awards

The Dean’s Office is very pleased to announce the award of the following Graduate Assistantships for    the upcoming 2013 7A term:

Graduate Assistantship, Recruitment Research – Lisa Newton

Graduate Assistantship, Residency Planning  – Ray Jordan

Penumbra, Co-Editor –  John Ross

Penumbra, Associate Editor – Gariot Louima

Graduate Assistantship, Rorty Research  – Angel Lemke

Graduate Assistantship, Instructional Design (reports to the Director of Information Technology) Leah McVie

Please join us in our congratulations to all of the recipients.

Best regards,


Toni A. Gregory, Ed.D.

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Ph.D. Program in Interdisciplinary Studies

Union Institute & University

440 East McMillan Street 

Cincinnati, OH 45206-1925

( 513.487.1237 │800.861.6400, ext 1237 │mobile 513.460.4996

7 fax 513.487.1067

* │


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