Dr. Allyerdyce: House of Aching Beauty


As the publisher of a new collection of poetry and prose that is both timely in its theme and timeless in its execution of craft, I am delighted to announce the release of Diane Allerdyce’s House of Aching Beauty: Selected Poetry & Prose on Haiti, Heartbreak & Healing.

This is a book set against the backdrop of recent events in Haiti while employing the skill of a seasoned poet who has honed her craft in both formal and experimental poetry. Sound, sense, metaphor, alliteration and evidence that this author has been exposed to a wide variety of poets’ work are among the volume’s strengths. Its themes are nuanced. In his Forward, Gérard Alphonse Férère, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Saint Joseph’s University, writes:Haiti is ever present in Dr. Allerdyce’s poems.

Among those in this volume that speak directly about Haiti are “Drum Us Home to Haiti”; “A Poem for Haiti”; “Things Fall Apart: Thank You Note to My Brother”; and “There is Still Love.” In others the reference is more subtle. Even the poetry collected here that does not mention Haiti overtly conveys a central concern that rests on a sensibility informed by her relationship with Haiti and its people.

In addition to the expertly rendered sonnet sequences, villanelles and other formal poetry as well as a performance piece, Professor Allerdyce has also included in this volume three prose selections–an essay of creative non-fiction, a scholarly article on education reform in Haiti, and a speech.


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