The Third Annual Center for Race, Gender and Social Justice Conference

Registration is now open for the Third Annual Center for Race, Gender and Social Justice Conference at the University of Cincinnati. Note that the keynote speaker is former Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Patricia Hill Collins. Students who are not in the Cincinnati area or are unable to attend may be able to get the proceedings of the conference.

More information here

Social Justice Feminism
October 25-27, 2012

(Registration Open)

Social justice feminism is about moving from theory to practice, bridging divides, and making a difference. Join advocates, activists, and scholars in this two-day conversation about women’s movements, building community, and advocating for social justice.

Conference Information

Visit the conference page for information about agenda, panels, and speakers.

Registration Fees

  • Professional Income > 100K=$250
  • Professional Income < 100K = $175
  • Student Registration Fee = $50
  • UC students/faculting attending less than 3 sessions = $0.00
    (UC students/faculty planning to attend less than 3 sessions can register for FREE.
    *Please note: This registration does NOT include meals and UC ID will be required upon registration at conference.)
  • Keynote Speakers

    Patricia Hill Collins
    Distinguished University Professor, University of Maryland, Charles Phelps Taft Distinguished Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Cincinnati

    Anika Rahman
    President and CEO, Ms. Foundation


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