Recently Defended Dissertations

The Dean’s Office is pleased to announce the successful defense of the following dissertations:


July 2012

Peyton McCoy

“Walk into Your Season: Cultural Work, Discursive Communities, and Empowerment”
Dr. Richard Couto (Chair), Dr. Norma Jenckes, Dr. Elden Golden


May 2012

Ginger Gundersgaard Rodriguez

“Canons in the Classroom: Interrogating Value in the American Literary Tradition”
Dr. Christopher Voparil (Chair), Dr. Norma Jenckes, Dr. Karsten Piep


August 2011

Jeannie Marshaa Carlisle

“Imperial Cowboy: Theodore Roosevelt and the Militarization of America”
Dr. Diane Allerdyce (Chair), Dr. Richard Couto, Dr. Chris Gray


June 2011

Jacquelyn S. Taylor

“Unfinished Business: A Study of Leadership and Adaptive Challenges in the Professionalization of Funeral Directors”
Dr. Richard Couto (Chair), Dr. Bernice Ledbetter, Dr. O. Duane Weeks


Dr. Karsten Piep, Interim Dean

Dr. Toni Gregory, Associate Dean


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