Recently Approved Dissertation Proposals

On behalf of UI& U’s Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies Program, we are pleased to announce that the following dissertation proposals received official committee approval during the Jan-May 2012 term:


Kim Byas

“Understanding Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations Through Grounded Theory”
Committee: Dr. Toni A. Gregory, Dr. Michael A. Raffanti, Dr. Ron Nahser


Maggie B. Hunter

“Vermont’s Covered Bridges: A Scholarly and Artistic Inquiry into 21st Century Historic Preservation”
Committee: Dr. Karsten Piep, Dr. Chris Hables Gray, Dr. Woden Teachout


Mina Lovrich-Kerr

“How the Interaction of Science and Politics Explains the Lack of Mandatory Labeling Laws for Genetically Modified Fooks in the United States”
Committee: Dr. Mary Ann Steger, Dr. Larry Preston, Dr. Teresa Dodd-Butera


Donovan Myrie

“The Digital Revolution’s Influence on the Public Sphere, Citizenry, and Platforms of Mass Communications”
Committee: Dr. Karsten Piep, Dr. Jennifer Raymond, Dr. Christopher Voparil


Tiffany Traylor

“Black Literature, Black Love, Black Youth: Utilizing Reader Response Theory to Explore African American Teenagers’ Perspectives on Recognition and Racial Identity”
Committee: Dr. Diane Allerdyce, Dr. Shelley Armitage, Dr. Toni A. Gregory


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