Pinol : Poems by Sayra Pinto available for pre-order

Sayra Pinto’s next book, “Pinol : Poems by Sayra Pinto” is now available for pre-order on  The official release date is 8/21/12.

Pinol : Poems by Sayra Pinto

Author bio: Sayra Pinto is a poet, scholar and activist dedicated to creative change. She is the author of Vatolandia and her work was included in the indigenous anthology, I Was Indian. She has a B.A. from Middlebury College, an M.F.A. from Goddard College, and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. at Union Institute & University. She lives outside Washington, DC with her partner, triplet girls and two spoiled dogs.

“Pinol : Poems by Sayra Pinto” is a collection of poems that not only recreates the poet’s journey from rural Honduras to the cities of the United States, but, through an ingenious structure using Mayan mythology, the book becomes an urgent archetypal journey of the human life cycle.  The journey for Pinto’s readers leads to a reconnection not only with a primal self, but with primal nature.  In doing so, the book itself becomes a site of transformation into and reconciliation with what is most necessary to be alive in a variegated and omnicultural world.  The poems in Pinol, some as short as haiku, some autobiographical, others incantations of spirit, introduce us both to characters from the poet’s life, as well as figures from Native spirit life.  Most importantly, these staunch, lyrical, and profound poems introduce us to a unique poetic voice from which we turn away at our own risk:  we need these poems to heal the fissures that too often divide not only peoples but our individual selves.” – Kenny Fries, author of Body, Remember: A Memoir and The History of My Shoes and the Evolution of Darwin’s Theory

“In Pinol:Poems, Sayra Pinto has written from the place of “jaguars,” “snakes” and the illimitable “darkness” both centralized and deflected by the jungles of the Americas.  The poems are, as she writes, “guttural concoctions” that, through their insistent polyphony, join with the voices of other populations, times and ways of knowing.  Jungle space mixes with East European space, inner-city North American space, and the speech forms of the early colonies to produce a feminist work that foregrounds the vibration of community over the particularity of language and temperament most often associated with a lyric cycle.  The reader is the figure “writh[ing] in the space between them”: them: these ” endless” and “innumerable” lives. I congratulate Sayra Pinto on writing a book that has the germ and deep fire of something that was previously “unwriteable” in it. Unspoken.  Never said.  And now appearing, in Pinol, as a cry.  A call, torn from the body, like “water,” “stars,” and “night.”  I was deeply moved by what is at the heart of this new writing, and look forward to its evolution: the next stripping and becoming it must surely go through, which is its embodiment, and ours.” – Bhanu Kapil, author of Schizophrene

Sayra Pinto’s Pinol is much like that mix the wise woman brings together in its title poem, transforming it into the drink that feeds the “hungry belly.”  In this honest, raw, earthy, autobiographic-historic-mythic crescendo of brilliant poetry the author serves as wise woman and her mix of words feeds the hungry spirit.  These poems are of a two-spirited heroine crossing multiple boundaries involving the dream world as well as the physical world, implicate reality as well as explicate reality.  And this is a book of love alchemized out of severest loss and grief, leaving that word “magic” hovering in the air.  Reading Pinol made me remember what it was like when goddesses were not banned and wise women/witches not burned.  Be prepared to fly when you enter here. – Susan Deer Cloud, author of Braiding Starlight

Sales price – $14
Pre-order now for $11.20 (20% off original price)
Release date: August 21, 2012

Sayra Pinto
(617) 913-3861


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