Announcing SGC’s July 2012 Auction and Raffle

Last year, the committee raised approximately $1500. We had a great time raising money for such a notable cause, and we look forward to another fantastic opportunity with our upcoming event to increase that $1500 pocket.

This year we will have items for a silent auction, bidding auction, and a raffle. Karen Traynum-Davis and Lisa Newton are co-chairs for this event.
Please email a list of any items that you wish to donate for the auction to and (and copy to

SGC believes this is a great time to showcase the many talents of our fellow students, as well as raise money for a great cause!

If there is an artist and/or writer that would be willing to have someone purchase your work to be included in the silent auction then please email For example, I know someone who wants to purchase artwork created by – or a book written by – an alumni or current student of UI&U – this purchase would be donated to the SGC auction/raffle. ‘Tis a nice way to support our student emergency endowment fund, fellow students, and alumni.

Additionally, if you have an item that you would like to contribute for our auction and yet not able to bring it to residency then please email If we get requests, we will check out what possibilities we have to do a small online auction in addition to the residency event. This might be another avenue to raise moneys for our student emergency fund, but no guarantees – just a thought.

Please include any ideas you may have for this auction. The bidding and raffle items will be presented during Open Mic Night and the silent auction items will announced during the our dinner – more details to follow.


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