Budget-Friendly Tips for the July 2012 Residency

Take advantage of free meals at the Residency
UI&U’s Ph.D. program provides several free meals for students throughout the residency, as well as free soda throughout the day.  In addition,  free coffee, tea, and soda is provided throughout the day in the break areas on the first floor, and pitchers of water are available in every classroom. Complimentary snacks are available every day at 2:30 pm, and there are plenty of opportunities for free dessert during the evening activities.

Free meals are provided during the Opening Dinner, Keynote Lecture & Dinner, New Student Lunch with the Deans (newest cohort members only), Cohort 8 Celebration Dinner (Cohort 8 students only) and Closing Lunch.  The complete residency schedule will list any meals or snacks provided at the events.


Check out the Marriott’s alternate meal options
Students can purchase pre-made sandwiches and salads from the Marriott Kingsgate gift shop. Also, by request from the students, juices will be available for purchase in the gift shop for $1 off the listed price, courtesy of the Ph.D. Program.

Ride the shuttle
Take advantage of the complimentary Marriott shuttle to take you to a nearby restaurant or grocery store in the neighborhood of Clifton/University Heights until 6 pm; after 6 pm, the shuttle costs $5 each way and runs until 10 pm. The Marriott shuttle runs every 30 minutes until 10 pm.  If students would like to travel outside Clifton (to downtown, etc.), rides cost $15 each way.  Contact the front desk of the Marriott to reserve the shuttle.

Pack your meals

Fridges will be available in all of the Marriott’s guest rooms, and microwaves will be placed at the end of the hallways especially for the Ph.D. program.  The Ph.D. program will  distribute a list of nearby grocery stores as it gets closer to the residency.


Eat off-site
The neighborhoods surrounding the Kingsgate Marriott have a wide variety of restaurants and eateries to fit your budget.  Many of these restaurants are within walking distance, or can be reached by shuttle. A list of nearby restaurants will be distributed via email as it gets closer to the residency.


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