Sayra Pinto Poetry Chapbook Published

FootHills Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Vatolandia, a chapbook collection of poetry by Sayra Pinto.

(Release date March 16. Free shipping if ordered by March 15.)

Vatolandia is the 5th release in the Re-Matriation Chapbook Series of Indigenous Poetry

Susan Deer Cloud, Editor

(Ordering information below.)


“Do you want to be burned up?  Do you want to be cooled?  Do you want to lie down on the edge of something and never get up again?  Do you want to live a different life?  Do you want to get up and start walking, start singing, start dreaming in a community of radical others?  Then read these poems.” – Bhanu Kapil

From the introduction by Susan Deer Cloud:

 Vatolandia unfolds in an arc of underlying myth reaching back to Popol Vuh, the Mayan creation story, ascending then bending down into the story of indigenous peoples since the conquistadors’ invasion of the Maya all the way to those dreamers who run and swim across night borders to what some call the United States.  Many of the poems are persona poems in the voices of the descendents of long ago beauty and happiness.

Those voices embroider the pages as vividly as the embroidering I’ve seen on Mayan vests and blouses.


From the book:


Social Security Card


You got me a typewriter.

It was fancy.

When I wrote something

I could not feel the letters

on the back of the page.


It was a typewriter that printed.

I was excited.

The typewriter had many tricks.

I could make the lines all dark

and the letters white.


You brought me a little piece of paper.

It said Social Security on it.

You gave me a number

and told me to type it on the card

using my machine.


You were so happy

because the number came out pretty.

Vatolandia is a 40 page hand-sewn chapbook – $10.00

To see an image of the book, another poem, the author’s bio or to order on-line go to:

To order through mail send total price plus $1.75 Shipping and Handling for each address sent to.

(NYS Residents please add $.80 Sales Tax per book)

(Release date March 16.

Free shipping if ordered by March 15.)


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