Union Institute & University and Wildflowers Connection

Stephanie Anne Johnson, PhD candidate (Cohort Five) and professor at California State University, Monterey Bay has been appointed a 2012 Fellow for the Wildflowers Institute in San Francisco. As a Fellow she will  “provide leadership in developing community think tanks and training programs.” As well as her doctoral studies in leadership, policy, and the public sphere, Professor Johnson brings to this fellowship a wealth of experience in diverse communities including practices of ethical engagement and cross cultural communication using the arts. The Wildflowers Institute was founded in 1997 by Dr. Hanmin Liu, a 1978 graduate of Union Institute & University and a member of Union’s Board of Trustees. Professor Johnson and Dr. Liu met when he was a keynote speaker at a Cincinnati residency.

Additional information:

“Wildflowers Institute was established in 1997 as a social innovation and application lab. We are focused on understanding how communities work. Our mission is to design methods and tools to catalyze the innate power in communities. We believe that the greatest promise for self-sustaining community change comes from strengthening the existing resources within the community.”

(From the Wildflowers website)


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