Thomas R. Watson Conference DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: March 1, 2012

Thomas R. Watson Conference
Economies of Writing
October 18-20, 2012
Louisville, KY

The ninth biennial Thomas R. Watson Conference in Rhetoric and Composition solicits proposals that examine the relations between diverse notions of economy and writing for rhetoric and composition. Avenues for exploration might include:

·      Writing instruction as a site and medium for the production of racialized, sexualized bodies, desires, consciousness, emotions
·      Institutional and disciplinary economies within higher education
·      Rhetorics of the economy of writing: notions of efficiency, profit, competence, clarity, precision, efficacy, etc.
·      Problematics of the transnational exchange of composition expertise
·      Notions of labor and management in composition research and pedagogy
·      Relations of language ecology to economic, cultural social, physical, biological ecologies
·      Relations of linguistic labor and physical, intellectual, emotional labor
·      Relations of power and rhetorical authority within specific modes of the production and circulation of writing
·      Shifts and continuities in notions of authorship, intellectual property, and the commodification of language, writing, and composition skills
·      Questions of translation in economies of writing
·      Dominant and alternative economies for the production and distribution of scholarship in rhetoric and composition
·      Writing and the (re)production of class, professional identities

Keynotes, Featured Speakers, and Moderators:

Deborah Brandt
Resa Crane Bizzaro
Ralph Cintron
Ellen Cushman
Keith Gilyard
Juan Guerra
Jeanne Gunner
Joseph Harris
Asao Inoue
Rochelle Kapp
Michelle Hall Kells
Carmen Kynard
Steven Lamos
Theresa Lillis
Julie Linquist
Tamera Marko
Paula Mathieu
Shondel Nero
Wendy Olson
Kelly Ritter
Phyllis Ryder
Tony Scott
Cynthia Selfe
John Tassoni
John Trimbur
Scott Wible
Vivette Milson-Whyte


For more information, email Min-Zhan Lu, conference director:
Or call: (502) 852-1252

Submission Information:
Electronic submissions open on November 4, 2011 and close on March 1, 2012.

We invite proposals for 20-minute individual presentations and 75-minute panels of two or three presentations that consider some aspect of the conference theme. For individual presentations and panels, Submit 250-word proposals. Panels will be accepted or rejected as a whole. Follow the links below to access the appropriate online submission form.

Individual Presentations <>

Panel Submissions <>

Though we prefer to receive proposals through our online submission forms, the Watson Conference will accept hard copy proposals postmarked no later than March 1, 2012.

Include the following information for each proposed participant:
Name and institutional affiliation
Mailing address
Email address
Title and abstract of 250 words
Audio-visual equipment needs
Special needs

Address paper submissions to:
Min-Zhan Lu, Thomas R. Watson Conference Director
315 Bingham Humanities Building
Department of English
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292

Important Information for Presenters

  • If you need audio-visual equipment, please specify your needs as clearly as possible. The Watson Conference can provide overhead projectors, DVD players, audio tape/CD players, laptop computers, and data projectors.
  • To preserve time for discussion, the Watson Conference limits all presentations to 20 minutes.
  • Notifications of proposal status will be sent by May 2012.
  • No person may make more than one presentation at the conference.
  • Each presenter must make his or her own presentation; no proxies are allowed.
  • The Watson Conference does not sponsor or fund travel or underwrite participant costs.

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