Midwestern Graduate Liberal Studies Conference, March 31, 2012

Liberal studies graduate students are invited to join the 2012 Midwestern Graduate Liberal Studies Conference, a regional conference of the AGLSP, on Saturday, March 31, 2012, at Fort Wayne, Indiana. Indiana U/Purdue U Fort Wayne (IPFW) will host the conference.

The conference theme is “Taking It to the Streets: Scholarship and the Public Audience.” As you’ll see from the description at the conference Web site, the topic is intended to be inclusive. For “scholarship” one might substitute “art” or any other term that describes work produced (or projects undertaken) by liberal studies graduate students. Although ideally all presentations will have something to say about how one might connect with a public audience, not every presentation will grapple directly with the general question of how to engage the public. It may be sufficient simply to frame your presentation in terms of these concerns or to conclude with reflections on the challenges of engaging a public audience. For example, you might ask what it would take to truly and effectively share your work with the public. What practical challenges and what risks and benefits would you anticipate? If you have already had success in engaging the public through research, creative work, or community projects, you may consider sharing your experiences and your acquired wisdom (or street savvy).

The Web page is now live. There you will find an outline of the conference program, submission guidelines, and lodging information. The registration fee is only $25 and covers breakfast and lunch at the conference. Please review the information:


Logistical questions may be addressed to Professor Michael Kauffman, IU/PU Ft. Wayne (kaufmann@ipfw.edu).

Questions regarding the submission process may be addressed to Professor Deborah Finkel, IU Southeast (dfinkel@ius.edu).

Various general questions may be addressed to Joseph R. Chaney, Director of the Master of Liberal Studies Program (jchaney@iusb.edu)


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