Women of Color Leadership Academy Fellowship

WOCN is seeking Fellowship applicants working in the violence against women field who are from communities of color, Tribal Nations, LGBTQ populations, persons with disabilities, those who are Deaf/deaf, hard of hearing, refugee and immigrant communities, or are younger individuals under the age of 35 and older individuals over the age of 50.

WOCN is also seeking applicants for its Aspiring Allies training program.  Aspiring Allies are mainstream advocates and attorneys who identify as white, and/or male, and/or heterosexual, without disability, hearing, non‐immigrant, or otherwise part of a group considered to be majority, mainstream or privileged, working in the violence against women movement. Aspiring Allies will participate in an 18-month distance learning program.  Participation will build allies’ skills and enhance their abilities to support, share leadership with and collaborate effectively with women of color, immigrant women and other underserved women leaders in the diverse multi-cultural, multi-ethnic violence against women field.  As the populations of victims we serve as a field and a movement becomes increasingly diverse in a myriad of ways – language, culture, ethnicity, immigration status, religion – our success in effectively serving and advocating for victims depends on the ability of greater numbers of us from mainstream backgrounds to value, respect, support and share leadership with our allies from women of color, immigrant and other underserved communities.

Interested applicants for the WOCN Fellowships and Aspiring Allies Program may apply in the States of Minnesota, New Jersey, Vermont and Virginia.

For questions about the Leadership Academy Fellowships and the Aspiring Allies program contact:  Tonya Lovelace at 800-537-2238, ext 146, or the following state leads:

  • Minnesota: Lani Suarez, 651-646-6177
  • New Jersey: Rose Williams, 609-584-8107
  • Vermont: Rocio Mora, 802-223-1302
  • Virginia: Cathy Coleman and Quillen Drew, 804/377-0335

WOCN Leadership Academy – Minnesota Application

WOCN Leadership Academy – Vermont Application

WOCN Leadership Academy – New Jersey Application

WOCN Leadership Academy – Virginia Application


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