Midwestern Grad Liberal Studies Conference, March 31

Saturday, March 31, 2012

10:00am – 4:00pm

Hosted by Indiana University Purdue University Ft. Wayne


The Graduate Liberal Studies programs of Indiana University invite you to participate in the second annual Midwestern Graduate Liberal Studies Conference.

The theme of this year’s conference is Taking it to the Streets: Scholarship and the Public Audience. One important goal shared by graduate liberal studies programs is that of helping students to comprehend knowledge from various academic fields and translate it for dissemination to a wider public audience. This conference focuses on ways in which our own scholarship, no matter how specialized or technical, can be reframed in order to speak directly to public concerns. We invite papers and presentations that not only lay out specific arguments and findings, but also explain how those conclusions can be addressed to a general audience, applied to problems of public concern, and/or shared meaningfully with scholars in various disciplines. We also invite papers that reflect on the challenges of presenting research and specialized knowledge to the general public.

The conference is designed to allow both formal and informal interactions among students and faculty from graduate liberal studies programs in the Midwest.


Students from graduate liberal studies programs in the Midwest region are invited to present their work at the MGLSC. All types of work will be considered: empirical research, literature reviews, case studies, works of fiction, multimedia works, etc. Work that reflects the theme of the conference, Taking it to the Streets, is especially welcome.

Authors of noteworthy presentations will be invited to submit their work to Confluence, the journal of the Association for Graduate Liberal Studies Programs.



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