Submissions by Jon Ross Accepted to 2012 MPSA Conference

Congratulations to Jon Ross, Cohort 9, whose submissions were accepted to the 70th Annual MPSA Conference.  Jon will present his proposals, listed below, at the conference in Chicago, IL April 12-15, 2012. Congratulations, Jon!


The “Evolution of Dad:” A Cultural Manifesto for the “New Male” Father?
Overview: “The Evolution of Dad,” a 2010 film, depicts stay-at-home fathers as active caregivers and childrearers, defying traditional representations of men and masculinity, possibly serving as part of a cultural manifesto of sorts for the new male father.

Can “Man Up” Be More than a Beer Ad? How the Representation of Public Masculinity is Hurting Men and Families
Overview: Cultural and media representations of men, while on target in some ways, misrepresent the realities of changing male roles and identities, and their application to public policies required to respond to men’s and families’ needs.


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