Getting To Know You Guide Now Available on CampusWeb!

The Ph.D. office is excited to announce that we have uploaded all of the bios from the July residency’s “Getting to Know You” guide to the Cohort Ph.D. Student Resource Center. If you are a member of the Student Resource Center group, just log into CampusWeb and click on “Cohort Bios” on the left navigation panel. Please keep in mind these bios have not been edited for spelling or grammar; if you would like to edit, add or remove your bio/photo, feel free to shoot an email to Caitlin Behle, Residency Coordinator at

Don’t forget that all syllabi, handouts and important residency information (including info on hotel reservations, which was recently posted) will be updated through the Student Resource Center.


Not a member of the Student Resource Center group on CampusWeb? Here’s how to join:

The Cohort PhD Student Resource Center was created as a one stop resource for all program materials and updates. Here, you can get your syllabi, residency information (hotel details, residency readings, etc.), forms, and announcements. Please check back periodically to stay up to date will all the announcements and postings regarding the program and residency.

1) Click  to access CampusWeb. From there, log in using your Union student number and password. If you don’t know your password or the site rejects the password your using; please contact the IT Help Desk @

2) After logging in, click the tab labeled “Groups”. In a box labeled “Campus Groups” (on your right hand side), you will see the Cohort PhD Student Resource Center.  If this option is not located in the box; you will need to click “Browse Groups”. Under Academic Programs click the “Join” button for Cohort PhD Student Resource Center. Once you have clicked join you should be able to instantly access the group and should now be listed in the box labeled “Campus Groups”.

3) Once you have entered the Official Cohort PhD Student Resource Center, click the tab labeled “Members Page” located on your left hand side. After clicking the “Members Page” tab you should have access to more options (About this Group, Calendar, Announcements, Handouts & Bookmarks); select the tab labeled “Handouts”. This will take you to all syllabi and residency information.


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