2011 July Residency Meal Survey

Findlay Market is looking for your feedback!

In case you haven’t heard, the Cohort Ph.D. program is taking a trip to the Historic Findlay Market, Ohio’s oldest outdoor market, on Tuesday, July 5th as part of a “cultural experience.” While at Findlay Market, you will hear from various speakers about the role of public markets, the history of Findlay Market and Findlay Market’s various socioeconomic roles and initiatives.

After exploring the market, the Ph.D. program will offer its students and faculty gift certificates good for lunch at any of Findlay Market’s food vendors. However, the vendors have requested some advanced notice of how many people will be visiting each stand.

Could you please fill out this survey with your meal preference? Please keep in mind that filling out this survey does not commit you to that particular vendor – the survey is just a way for us to get a rough idea of how many people might eat at each place. Your cooperation is appreciated, and thanks!

Click here to take survey


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