Marriott Room Reservations – July ’11 Residency

For those learners having issues booking a room at the Marriott, please read this notice from the Marriott:

“… If the guest attempted to call our front desk here at the hotel directly to make a reservation we do have a lot of new people working the desk and they may not have been able to locate the correct room block for your group.  The front desk staff here typically does not take reservations.  They usually transfer the call to central reservations and let them make the reservation.  We have two room blocks for Union Institute during this time frame.  One for your group and one for the EDD group which is a much smaller block.  If a guest wishes to call the hotel directly to make a reservation they should ask for a reservation in the UIPO room block and that will get them to the correct place, with the correct dates and rates, etc.  If they are calling the main reservations number of 1-888-720-1299 or using the ResLink they should not have any issues with making reservations.  I am going to post a memo at the front desk alerting all associates to your group codes as well as your room rates in case they get any further calls out there so they will know how to handle them in the future.”

Hopefully this will help address any issues booking a room at the Marriott for the upcoming residency.  Feel free to email Caitlin Behle, the residency coordinator, if you have any questions.


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