ILA 2011 Call for Papers

London, United Kingdom: 26 – 29 October 2011

The International Leadership Association calls on leadership scholars and educators, business and community leaders, students and young leaders to propose conference sessions that offer the finest leadership scholarship and practice in your sector and across sectors.

Complete Call and Online Submission Form Available at:

Submission Deadline: 1 March 2011

Forming Your Proposal: The ILA seeks proposal submissions that represent the best contemporary thinking about leadership from a diverse range of leadership scholars, practitioners, educators, program directors, consultants, students, and other leaders and leadership professionals. Proposal formats include: panel discussions, paper presentations, workshops, conversations with leadership authors, case studies, debates, interactive roundtable discussions, and poster displays.

Presentation Tracks Include: Business Leadership, Leadership Development, Leadership Education, Public Leadership, Leadership Scholarship, Leadership Scholarship Refereed Paper, and Conference Theme – One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership.

Conference Theme: One Planet, Many Worlds: Remapping the Purposes of Leadership: We may all be living in very different worlds in terms of our belief systems, priorities, and personal and political choices, but the basic fact that we share one planet means that we cannot possibly continue with ‘business as usual’. In this conference we will move beyond studying the technical ‘how to’ of leadership as the ‘what for’ has become irrepressibly urgent. Globally, we are using 1.5 planets worth of resources every year. Many people now consuming a fraction of these resources will either remain in comparative poverty, or will demand a fairer share. Leaders in every sphere of activity, all over the world, will be crucial in helping to make transitions in economic practices, hopefully while maintaining reasonably civilised behaviour. This conference will be a crucial contribution to aligning political, business, educational, social, and public leadership to this realisation.

Submit Your Proposal: Please visit the ILA Conference website for further information on the Proposal Requirements, Review Process, and Proposal Collaboration Tools. Submit your proposal through the ILA website at The submission deadline is 1 March 2011. Contact the Conference Coordinator, Josh Tarr, at with questions.

Please note that accepted presenters must register for the conference. ILA does not pay presenters honoraria, reimburse expenses (e.g. travel, lodging, or copying), or waive conference registration fees.

Stay informed and connected with the ILA on: Twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn, ILASpace

With members from over 70 countries, the International Leadership Association is the foremost global membership organization devoted to all those who practice, study and teach leadership. ILA-NET.ORG


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