National Collegiate Leadership Conference

National Collegiate Leadership Conference

NCLC 2011
Destination Leadership:
Your Journey Through a Changing World
The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
February 18-20, 2011

Registration is now open and will end February 4, 2011 or when we reach our capacity of 600 participants. Register early!

What is NCLC?

The National Collegiate Leadership Conference is a student-run annual conference that serves as the cornerstone of the leadership experience and training for hundreds of college students across the nation. The philosophy of NCLC is that service, social justice, and leadership are all connected. Thus, the programming for this conference offers students a variety of opportunities to learn, understand, interact with, experience, participate in, engage in, and reflect on service, social justice, and leadership. The skills that students learn from this conference can be applicable in students’ organizations, families, campuses, job settings, as well as local and global communities.

NCLC Mission

The National Collegiate Leadership Conference is a student run nonprofit organization that brings together students and leaders from diverse backgrounds to learn leadership skills, cultivate social responsibility, break down leadership barriers, and to adopt leadership as a way of life.

The conference extends beyond the conventional definitions of leadership. It is designed to help students tap into and expand their leadership potential, helping them grow personally and professionally.


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