Dissertation Fellowship

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Establishes New Dissertation Fellowship in Education and Human Potential

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation works to help high-achieving, low-income students reach their full potential through education. The foundation has created a new dissertation fellowship program to advance its understanding of the factors and contexts that help low-income students overcome personal adversity and challenging socioeconomic circumstances to excel academically in order to design programs and interventions that help more low-income students identified as high-achieving in their primary and secondary school years to sustain their achievement levels through college and beyond.  While the dissertation topic must concern education and human potential, graduate study may be in a diverse range of academic disciplines. Candidates must be working toward a doctoral degree at a graduate school in the United States, but need not be U.S. citizens.  The fellowship is a one-time award of $25,000, which may be used for a period of not less than nine months and up to eighteen months. The foundation will award two fellowships in 2011 and has plans to offer up to five annually in the coming years.  The Jack Kent Cooke Dissertation Fellowship Award program guidelines and application requirements are available at the Cooke Foundation Web site.

Deadline: February 4, 2011



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