No Sponge! No Duct Tape! No Scissors!

Dear colleagues:
The Communications Department is pleased to announce that our homepage has new dynamic content!

Click on and you’ll see new slides – three for right now, featuring the upcoming start dates for BA and BS, as well as our annual fund appeal.

In the coming months, we’ll include additional slides that feature other programs and their start dates, scholarship recipients, and more. This is part of a more comprehensive effort (based on user feedback) that will lead up to the larger, more dramatic homepage refresh/redesign. We have a great group of folks from across the university giving us feedback and suggestions and we’re eager to make more changes with their input.

Mark Stevens and Brian Schmitz in Communications have worked to create rotating slides that:

1. Load faster

2. Are visible on mobile devices

3. Can be modified very easily from a design standpoint, which makes it easier to rotate content on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

The new rotating slides will be on a weekly refresh schedule and we encourage all departments to submit events/profiles/news to for consideration.


UI&U Communications

Carolyn Krause

Sara Litwiller

Mark Stevens

Nicole Hamilton

Brian Schmitz

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