Post-Doc Position

Post Doc Position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Department of Management Institute for Innovative Leadership

The Institute for Innovate Leadership at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is currently looking to appoint one or two individuals in a post doc position starting in in the Spring/Summer of 2011. The candidate will work directly for the directors of the Institute, Dr. Craig Pearce and Dr. Mary Uhl-Bien, as well as work with other management faculty, post docs already on staff and doctoral associates affiliated with the Institute.

The post doc position supports the research mission and activities of the Institute, which is to advance the science and practice around leadership development (see for further information on the institute <> ). The candidate will be involved in supervising research projects in the institute, field projects, research seminars, and in working with the director and faculty to develop research grants. Some course instruction may be built into the requirements for the post doc position, but the position predominantly focuses on supporting research and doctoral education.

The Institute is preferably looking for someone with a research focus in leadership and organizational behavior, as well as an individual who has a strong research methods and statistical background. It is possible that the position may be multi-year depending on the interests of the candidate and needs of the Institute.

Individuals interested in applying for this position or talking about it with the Institute faculty at the Academy of Management annual meeting in Montreal, should send their vita to Dr. Peter Harms at <> .


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