Association for Integrative Studies Request

As the Association for Integrative Studies grows in size and matures as an organization, the Board of Directors would like to encourage more members to become involved in the leadership by making some Board positions contested.

While only one candidate will still be nominated for the offices of president and vice presidents, beginning with this year’s election the nominating committee will nominate two candidates for at-large positions and directorships. Thus, the overall membership will decide who should enter the Board, while the nominating committee will continue to evaluate which entry-level Board members should advance to higher leadership positions. The nominating committee is comprised of past presidents of AIS, who have the longest-term view of the Association and the greatest demonstrated commitment to it. This model of governance attempts to balance continuity and change, competition and collaboration.

There are four at-large positions on the Board of Directors with staggered terms, so two at-large positions become open each year. There are also two director positions with one-year terms: a director of development (fund-raising, membership, and relations with other organizations) and a director of information technology.

To propose a candidate (yourself or another member) for consideration by the nominating committee, contact President Karen Moranski,, before May 1, 2010. The nominating committee considers the following, so be sure to address as many of these points in your proposal as possible:

–attendance and active participation at AIS conferences, –service contributions to AIS (such as publishing articles in the newsletter or in Issues in Integrative Studies, participation on AIS committees or task forces, representation of AIS at other conferences), –intellectual leadership in interdisciplinary studies, –demonstrated ability to work collaboratively, and –willingness to devote time and energy.

Not considered are academic rank and institutional affiliation.

Please note that the AIS Board of Directors serves without compensation or reimbursement of expenditures. Board members are expected to attend meetings the day before the annual conference begins as well as a 3-day midyear meeting, generally a weekend in March.


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