MLK Specialization in the News

We’ve received some nice responses from the media about our MLK Specialization.

On January 13, 2010, Dr. Boxill and learner Jenny Laster appeared on WVXU’s Cincinnati Edition with Mark Perzel. The story will air on Sunday, January 17, and will be available online on Monday, January 18.

The show was great! Dr. Boxill and Jenny were wonderful and Mark asked some good questions – ended with: “Do you think MLK’s dream has been realized?” Nancy and Jenny’s answers were really inspiring.  The engineer said the segment barely needed editing.

The Cincinnati Herald will run a story and photos in the next edition, and the Oxford Press is interested in interviewing learner Angela Walker (I think they are playing phone tag). The Shreveport Press is interested in doing a story about learner Aaron Dobynes, and Cincinnati’s Fox 19 news is also interested in covering the MLK program.  In addition, Issues, a news program here in Cincinnati, would like to do a story about the MLK program, too. They are booked out a few months, but they are interested.


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