Ginger Rodriquez is Tenure-Track!

Ginger Rodriquez just informed her dissertation committee that she has accepted a full-time, tenure-track position at a liberal arts college near Chicago. These are great news that reflect very well on our entire program and will no doubt inspire other students who are following in her steps. Here are Ginger’s reflections on how the academic training she received at the Union prepared her for the appointment:

“Thank you, Karsten. I have no objection to sharing this news, though I
certainly realize that many learners have academic positions. What I
was pleased to find, and what I think is probably of most interest, is
that Union’s curriculum and approach was well received. While teaching
positions vary, of course, and institutions are looking for different
things, I do think that having actual coursework in the theory of
interdisciplinarity was a plus. I got the sense that that is uncommon
— at least in English departments. The feedback I received also
emphasized the importance of a broad background in the humanities,
which Union’s courses provide. So Union’s program was an asset
throughout the process of getting this particular job, and I did want
administrators, staff, and instructors all to be aware of that. As a
learner, I would have liked to know that when I enrolled as well.”


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