Dr. Nancy Boxill to Be Honored With Americas Award in Gender Equality

CIFAL Atlanta has named Fulton County, Georgia Commissioner and Union Institute Faculty Member Nancy A. Boxill as the 2009 recipient of the Americas Award in the area of Gender Equality.  

Dr. Boxill spearheaded the adoption of Fulton County’s Gender Equality legislation and established an internationally-recognized Gender Equality program for Fulton County.

The Americas Award 2009 pays tribute to public officials from national and local governments which have implemented successful projects and best practices in the eight areas of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. One of the goals is to promote gender equality and empower women. 

Dr. Boxill became the first woman to serve on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in 1987, and has been re-elected on six occasions. Dr. Boxill’s major interests parallel her professional endeavors as a psychologist, focusing on issues that affect women, children and the homeless population.

In addition to her service on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Dr. Boxill is a part-time faculty member of The Union Institute Graduate School in Cincinnati, and is a consultant for psychological services. She has written extensively about psychosocial issues.

Dr. Boxill holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, a master’s degree from the New School for Social Research in New York City, and a doctorate degree from Union Graduate School in Cincinnati. She did post-graduate study at Merrill-Palmer Institute in Detroit.

The Gender Equality program established by Dr. Boxill at Fulton County is unique in that it examines the ways that gender affects opportunities and service delivery for both males and females. For example, a pilot analysis in the Department of Health & Wellness found some gaps in public health services for men. As a result of the analysis, clinics for men’s health and infectious diseases were more closely located to allow for improved service delivery for male clients.  Other areas of analysis have included arts services for boys, jobs for women in public safety, workforce development services for men and women, and others.

 For more information on the Americas Award, log on to www.cifalatlanta.org.


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